Who, What & Why?

I'm not a nutritionist or a doctor. I was diagnozed with Rheumatoid arthritis (RA) few years ago. This blog is what I find helps (and what doesn't) and has links to books and articles I find useful, or that might be useful for someone else. Remember, everyone has different symptoms, and reacts differently to various treatments and diets. So it's not to say if something is not working for me, that it not might work for you.

And remember, it's not the end of the world, we just have to embrace it differently and find a new approach to things we love!

Sunday, May 27, 2012

So what is this blog all about??

So as I mentionned, I'm not a professional chef and I don't have any medical training what so ever. This blogs is about me - well and hopefully some of the things I have tried will help you too.

I was diagnosed with Reumathoid Arthritis (RA) couple of years ago and I have medication for it. But it seems, that there are alternative options too. I'm not saying that dump your medication to garbage bin, but just saying that maybe you can give it a try. I'm still on my medication but it does not always help - there are days when I'm feeling worse and days I'm feeling so much better. So I started keeping a food log (in my head - I'm pretty good at remembering what I'm eating) and realized that there are foods that make me feel worse.

If you read any of the books about RA, they list food items that can trigger a flare up. I have to admit that I only made the connection to the items that cause my flares when I read about them. But now I know to avoid them.

For me, the worst foods are: potatoes, raw tomatoes (I can tolarate cooked tomatoes much better), eggplant and chilli (I can still use cayenne pepper). I'm pretty sure sugar is not good for me either, but I haven't been able to cut that out of my diet - I know - I should and I'm trying, but you all know how hard cutting sugar is :-)

The reason I started keeping this blog is that I talked about RA to so many people and read so many books and realized that there are so many other immune system disorders that react to similar things.

The biggest eye opener for me was the book "wheat belly" (which I have listed at the side bar of my blog). It made me realize what effect wheat has on us humans - not just with people dealing with reumathoid arthritis.

So now my husband and I are following as gluten-free diet as possible - okay, we are slipping sometimes, but my grocery store shopping is all gluten-free - my new cook books are all gluten-free and we are feeling much better - both of us! I also read about paleo-diet, which is basically similar to gluten-free diet - lots of protein (meat, fish) and veggies - the way our ancestors (the hunter-gatherers) ate

So this blog is our journey going to live wheat (gluten) free and eating organic and clean food

join us on our journey!